Editing Services


Sometimes the question is asked, ‘How much editing is enough before publication of a book?’ The trade secret is that authors and publishers strive to get the best edit job available before the first edition is produced. I was watching “Pawn Stars” on TV recently and they sometimes buy rare books. The reason they know if a book is first edition is that it has mistakes. If you look in a book’s credits page, you will see how many editions and printings it has gone through. Every time a new edition is published, the mistakes people find are corrected. So, editing historically has been applied before the first edition publication, and often several times more.

Hi. I am Morris E. Graham, editor, author, and reviewer. I compare editing to polishing a rare stone: starting with a rough abrasive, and as the rough surfaces are removed, a finer abrasive is applied, until the abrasive in one’s hand doesn’t even feel rough, but rather, like some kind of smooth powder. Like a precious stone, editing needs to undergo several edits to get the rough edges smoothed out and bring out the natural luster. I offer editing services to my fellow authors.


The deal I make with an author is this: let me do twenty pages of your work for free, so you can see what you’re getting. Then we can talk about what you need. I provide:

(1) Proofreading.

(2) Full copy and line editing.

(3) Developmental editing.

(4) Feedback on the strength of your opening line, the plausibility of your plot, the development of your characters, the effectiveness of your POV, the order/structure of your chapters & scenes.

(5) Production of a document ready to upload to Create Space.

(6) Production of eBook file ready to upload to Amazon/Kindle.

I do four two-edit passes on each project. I am a deep-diving editor, a bit on the OCD side when correcting format, grammar, and punctuation. Grammar and punctuation is not all that goes into a good edit job. I check the facts, and make sure that there are no anachronisms. I am not as hung up on how long it takes, rather, that it is done right. I am  retiring early 2017 from my office job. I am building my editing service so that I can have something to do when I retire. You won't get a better value for your money anywhere. Since I am also an author, I often rewrite scenes or write new scenes as the need arises. Any work I do for you is considered "editing" and as such requires no sharing of author credits. I do, however, expect to be credited as your editor on your acknowledgments page.

Any new work agreed to after 03/21/16 is $0.004, or 4/10 cent a word, meaning $400.00 for 100k words.

Ebook conversion only is $100. The reason for the cost is that I take your WORD document, and  place it in a notepad. Then, I hand format your entire book in html and CSS, for a better conversion product, complete with table of contents, and a clickable link at the end to jump to Amazon to review your book.  Finally, I export  the html file used to create the eBook file in a word processor to check for errors. When I am satisfied, I make an eBook file and send it to my kindle for further quality checking. The process is time consuming but produces the  finest eBook documents anywhere.

Preparing document for Create Space $75, guaranteed to pass Create Space specifications.

A set of Twitter Panels 12 frames $50.

How I get paid for a project is designed to protect both of us. I spend about six-to eight weeks editing 100k words. Here is how I do it. I format your book, and do a two-pass edit and send it to you with mark-up notes, showing what was changed. I hold off until you are satisfied we are going in the right direction and pay 25% of the fee. Next I do a second two-pass edit, and when you accept, I do a third two-pass edit. Upon acceptance, I do the final two-pass edit, and when you have approved it, final payment is expected.

For those of you that desire edited copy as close to perfection as is humanly possible, I offer a premium platinum edit package with thirty edit passes and fifteen pay checkpoints. If any errors are discovered later down the road, point them out, and all documents and files are updated free of charge. This service also includes rewriting and adding new paragraphs, chapters or scenes as needed. Estimated time of project three months, the cost is $1000.00 broken into fifteen payable checkpoints. This package includes the creation of a Create Space ready PDF that you can submit to the printer, a MOBI (Amazon eBook file), and an epub file. All changes of every checkpoint are issued to the customer in the form of a Microsoft Word Doc with all corrections in markup notes in the margin.

I reserve the right to refuse work based on content. I do not work on erotica, paranormal, books with explicit sexual content, or themes that are hostile to Christianity.

If you are interested in an editor, email me morrisegraham@gmail.com