Fishing Pictures


This is my son Joshua with a six pound largemouth bass he cause when he was fourteen in Lonsdale, AR.

This is me and fishing guide Don Craner with a brown trout I caught and he release back into the Norfork river in Northern Arkansas. Don is an excellent guide and I highly recommend his services.

I caught this five lb bigmouth bass in Lonsdale, AR.

This is another view of the fish Joshua caught in Lonsdale. My advice is, if you catch a fish and pose with it, weigh under a hundred pounds sopping wet. Ratio and proportion considered, I would have to catch a whale to make it look this big in a pose. ;=)

Not quite a whale, I caught this at Family Park on Airport Rd. in Hot Springs, AR. He weighed fifteen lbs and I relocated and released him into a friend's pond.